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Internet information dissemination may conflict with local laws in some areas. Users should understand information contained in our BENEFOREX website are not released for any particular country, nor for any particular public members or companies in any specific country. BENEFOREX respects individual privacy rights. BENEFOREX ensures that any personal information collected in our website including user identity, address, date of birth, telephone number and others, will not exchange, sell or show to any third party.


High-Risk Investment

Forex and CFD trading is margin based trading products and belong to high-risk investment. Loss can be exceeded initial deposit. Retail traders have to understand risk on margin products. Investors should carefully consider their investment objectives, investment experience, financial status, risk tolerance and so on before trading forex and other products provided by BENEFOREX.
If you could not afford the loss, please do not invest.


Margin Trading

Margin trading is leverage transaction that involves potential profits as well as risk of loss. Margin is only a small portion as opposed to forex contracts, but small market changes will have greater impact on your funds. Leverage transactions have the possibility to lose some or all of your initial deposit. Therefore, you should consider your risk bearing capacity to conduct corresponding investment.


Online Trading

Online trading carries risks that include Internet system failures, software and hardware failures, network connection failures, and other force majeure factors. Since BENEFOREX is not able to control internet signal source, signal source receiving, routing, nor the reliability of your equipment or connection, so we will not take responsibility for these failures, distortion or delay of internet trading. Though BENEFOREX has adopted a backup system and emergency response plan to reduce the possibility of system failure, the risk of Internet trading cannot be completely excluded.


Market Information and Views

BENEFOREX strives to ensure information provided on the website or in other place are accurate and latest, but any reviews, news, research, analysis, price and other information published in this site can only be regarded as general market information for reference rather than investment advice. BENEFOREX shall not be liable for any loss arising from direct or indirect using or reliance on such information. For any results caused by investors using delay, inaccurate, or omission of information to make trading decisions, take or do not take trading behaviors, BENEFOREX does not assume any responsibility.

RISK DISCLOSURE : Trading in forex comes with high level of risk to your capital and you should trade according to your affordability. RISK DISCLOSURE