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Beneforex is trusted by brokers from all over the world.

Here at Beneforex, we aim to provide only the best trading experience, guaranteeing a seamless and high speed execution and powerful performance.

Based in Sydney, Australia, Beneforex is run by a team of experienced management with many years of experience in the trading industry. Ever since its opening, Beneforex has shown no sign of slowing down and continued to open a few more branches in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taiwan, Korea and London, to further our network and to cater to brokers from all over the world.

It’s this first hand industry experience, incorporated with our cutting edge technology, that enables Beneforex to help you achieve your trading goals more quickly.

Our clients are diversified, from experienced and amatuer traders, fund managers and institutional customers.

We also use a number of liquidity providers such as banks to provide our pricing which is then flowed directly to you, without any interference from any parties, and that includes us.

Our Vision

Beneforex seeks to fulfill our clients' gratification and success rate, therefore it is crucial for us to constantly upgrade our expertise to assure our clients and investors that our service is at world-class quality

RISK DISCLOSURE : Trading in forex comes with high level of risk to your capital and you should trade according to your affordability. RISK DISCLOSURE